Affiliation & Structure

The in's and out's


The missionary church

Sturgis Missionary Church is a part of the Missionary Church denomination, and is located in the North Central District.

The Missionary Church is almost two million people in more than 20,000 congregations in 100 countries.

The Missionary Church came into existence as a result of the spiritual revivals that swept across North America in the late nineteenth century. The evangelistic fervor continued through an aggressive program of missionary activity.

The Missionary Church is an evangelical denomination committed to church planting and world missions. With its national office in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Missionary Church communicates the message of Christ with an aggressive strategy. Committed to the Great Commandment, the Missionary Church strives to be focused on the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

bethel college

Bethel University, affiliated with the Missionary Church, is a Christian college of the arts and sciences. Bethel's main campus is located in Mishawaka, Ind, and is a community of learners dedicated to building lives of commitment for leadership in the Church and world. 

How our Church is Structured

Church board

The business of the church is governed by the church board. The church board is composed of the lead pastor, church board secretary, church treasurer, head deacon, head trustee, and two members-at-large.

The church board gives prayerful and diligent oversight of the church and its ministries; reviews annually the work of the lead pastor; and makes available to the church a written report of church board decisions.

lead pastor

The Pastor’s duty is to preach the Word; to exercise prayerful and diligent oversight of the church, watching for the souls, and to seek earnestly the salvation of the lost. The pastor is head of the local church and is responsible for the public services and general promotion of the church activities.

Board of deacons

The board of deacons consists of four deacons/deaconesses who serve for three-year terms. All deacons are chosen from among members of the church in good standing, and shall have been members of this church for at least one year.

Deacons/deaconesses assist the lead pastor in the spiritual duties of the church; assist in the preparation and serving of communion; assist with spiritual counseling; assist the lead pastor in a spirit of love and prayer when it is necessary to discipline members; review the membership roll annually; and provide encouragement and support for the lead pastor and staff.

board of trustees

The trustees hold in trust the church property; are responsible for the care and maintenance of the church property; are responsible for the safekeeping of all legal papers; have power to mortgage, encumber, sell, and convey any real or personal property of the church, and enter into any lawful contract in the name of and in behalf of the church, when so directed and authorized by the church membership; and anticipate major repairs.

Finance Committee

The finance committee prepares a total church budget to be approved by the church board and presented at the first church business meeting; oversee church finances and make recommendations for the operation of the budget; and keep the church board informed of the financial status of the church.

nominating committee

The nominating committee shall select nominees for church offices from among members of the church in good standing. The nominating committee is composed of the lead pastor, two deacons, and two additional members.


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